Open a medical center for a franchise

Business inherited

We are 25 years old!

the only multidisciplinary clinic franchise in Ukraine!

* 70-350 thousand UAH monthly net profit

Business growth during the crisis

Quick access to the first profit

Payback period of investment rom 13 months

Investments in highly liquid equipment

Panacea 21st century - a network of medical multidisciplinary clinics

The franchise of the Panacea 21st Century medical center is a stable profitable business that every entrepreneur can open, even without medical education.

The format of laboratories and diagnostic centers is becoming more in demand among the population every year, this is evident from the development of the private medicine market in Ukraine. We offer comprehensive patient care from diagnostics to treatment of diseases.

Our goal is to disseminate proven author’s treatment methods in combination with high quality medical services.

We want our successful 25 years of experience in private medicine to be applied in dozens of clinics across Ukraine.

We offer full support of a partner at all stages of the opening and development of a medical center.

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Franchise formats

Clinic (Ultrasound + Dermatology)

  • Square from 70 m2
  • Investments (UAH) 2 133 070
  • Average turnover (per month / UAH) 445 300
  • Average profit (in month / UAH) 137 733
  • Payback (months) 18.3

Clinic + Laboratory

  • Square from 100 m2
  • Investments (UAH) 2 557 020
  • Average turnover (per month / UAH) 835 460
  • Average profit (in month / UAH) 179 580
  • Payback (months) 13.3

Clinic + Surgery

  • Square from 220 m2
  • Investments (UAH) 3 947 800
  • Average turnover (per month / UAH) 709 200
  • Average profit (in month / UAH) 141 743
  • Payback (months) 30.2

Clinic + CT

  • Square from 400 m2
  • Investments (UAH) 16 783 306
  • Average turnover (per month / UAH) 1 455 900
  • Average profit (in month / UAH) 314 002
  • Payback (months) 49.9

Office for receiving analyzes

  • Square from 30 m2
  • Investments (UAH) 489 200
  • Average turnover (per month / UAH) 520,000
  • Average profit (in month / UAH) 70 698
  • Payback (months) 6

Opening stages


Room selection


Conclusion of the Agreement


Design and technological project


Repair of premises and purchase of equipment


Registration of a license from the Ministry of Health


Selection and training of personnel


Opening accompaniment



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Panacea 21st Century is the first private clinic in Kharkov that has been successfully operating in the medical services market for 25 years. A clinic that has been known since childhood.

It is a multidisciplinary center with diagnostics, treatment and surgery services.

Only candidates of medical sciences, doctors of the highest and first categories work in the MC “Panacea XXI century”. Information about our doctors is on the website of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The MC “Panacea XXI century” uses only proven methods of diagnosis and treatment, in accordance with European protocols.


Have entrusted us with their health for 25 years


Years of successful development


Service directions


Private medicine market growth per year


Our uniqueness is the author’s certified methods and patents for the treatment of diseases of the genitourinary tract in men and women. All of them are part of the Panacea 21st Century franchise and we will provide them to our partners.

Over the years of our work, we have received the following awards:

We are on the 5th place in the Register of “Good Proceedings of Goods and Services 2018. medical practice in galuzi ”.

In 2018, we received the diplomas "NAYAKISNI GOODS ROCU 2018" and "SIGN OF QUALITY".

In 2019, we received an award for our work - "VIBIR SPOZHIVACH 2019" - this is a sign of the high quality of medical services.

In 2020, we again became the best and received a diploma and an award "VIBIR SPOZHIVACH 2020".


Sustainability and development of the medical business

Since the beginning of 2016, transformations have been launched in the health care system of Ukraine, which have led to the expansion of the private sector of the medical services market.

The trust in private clinics relative to the state ones is growing every year.

In 2020 – 2021, the demand for laboratory and clinical services increased amid the crisis. Unlike other businesses, medical centers continued to operate during the pandemic and quarantine.

Now is the perfect time to enter this market and implement medical center projects.

Market capacity of private medical services in Ukraine in 2016 - 2018 billion, UAH

Why do patients go to a private clinic?

Distinctive features that attract patients (according to surveys):

Versatility (diagnosis and treatment in one place)

Availability of the necessary equipment

Современные технологии

Highly qualified doctors

Fast and quality service

Save time

Availability and transparency of prices


Benefits of the Panacea 21st Century franchise

Author's methods

Author's methods of treatment in dermatology and gynecology and urology

Full cycle of services

Full cycle of medical diagnostic services: survey, diagnostics, treatment

Types of business

Five types of medical business in the franchise portfolio

Location selection

Rational methodology for the selection of location


Personnel - search, selection, adaptation, training


Quick exit to self-sufficiency

Highly liquid equipment

The main investments are highly liquid equipment

Ministry of Health licenses

Licenses of the Ministry of Health are included in the Lump-sum fee

Marketing plan

Marketing plan



All advantages

Valeria is our first Franchisee in Kharkov

We opened a new clinic in a franchise format with great responsibility and this is a valuable experience for us! Valeria’s clinic is part of our Panacea 21st Century project and we will develop together!

I invite you to a personal meeting at my clinic "Panacea 21st Century"

I will show you my business and answer your questions about the franchise